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Michael Girvin wanted to make a difference!


The K-9 Connection was formed to give dog owners a new way to train their dogs.  I wanted to give people one on one attention that they were not getting in regular dog training classes.  I joined a great organization, APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers).  Took a bunch of seminars and classes and headed right for my local shelter.  I worked one on one with many dogs and I found they were getting adopted, people liked a well trained dog.  One of the main reasons why people give their dogs up to a shelter or rescue is behavior.  I decided to jump in and help people keep their dogs by changing the way they train them.  This keeps the dogs in a happy homes and out of shelters.  ​

I know what you are thinking, other trainers do the same thing, why pick me? Folks, because this is all I do.  I do not do doggie daycare, boarding, train classes, or any doggie sport.  I have done those things in the past but now am devoted solely to in home training.  With full attention to my clients with no other outside distractions.  This affords me the ability to concentrate on you and you alone.  My life revolves around helping clients overcome their dog problems. 

My career started as a Military Police K-9 Officer.  Trained in drug detection and regular patrol work.  After which I trained my own dogs.  Then family and friends and eventually volunteered at shelters.  My experience covers over 15 years and many different breeds.  Eventually, I opened The K-9 Connection.  Seeing people frustrated with their dogs, surrendering them to shelters, I knew I had to act and fast.  In 2004 I started my business and haven't looked back.  My friends, this is a passion for me, not just a job, a calling.  I love dogs, I enjoy people and helping people has always been at the forefront of everything I do.


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